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Can we just… normalize teens loving their parents? Like obviously you’re not obligated to if your parents are shitty, but damn, I love my mom. She’s there for me all the time and sure we have rough patches but honestly she’s the greatest. Like. We need teens to know that they don’t have to hate their parents just cause.

It must be nice to come from a nonabusive family. One that doesn’t traumatized every emotional interaction to the point where you drive away any sign of love as a form of manipulation because that’s all that you were raised with. 🤷‍♀️

Okay… so I tried to bury this post but somehow it came back on my dash even though I am so sick of it. But the only reason I felt the need to respond is that I’m not from a nonabusive family. At all, actually. I’m just saying that my friends in middle and high school constantly discouraged/continue to discourage me from having a good relationship with my mom lol.

why is it that whenever some1 wants to express their happiness on this website someone always replies with their tragic life story

they literally said “obviously youre not obligated to if your parents are shitty” ffs

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